NativeSeed Group

Conservation & Restoration Services

Native Seed Project Design

S&S Seeds specializes in designing custom seed mixes. Our expert staff will assist you with a customized mix for the site specific needs of your project.

Macro Wildflowers

Wildland Seed Collections

S&S Seeds can contract collect from specific sites following your pre-defined Scope of Work. We provide project personnel with expertise in native plant species identification, seed collecting, cleaning and testing, proper storage, inventory control and reporting.

Our Long History

For nearly five decades, S&S Seeds has maintained close relationships with customers in a wide range of markets fulfilling complex, large-scale conservation and habitat restoration projects across central, and southern California. Clients include federal & state agencies, counties & municipalities, NGO’s, landscape architects, environmental firms, and energy corporations.

Contract Production​

S&S Seeds has over 450 acres of fields for inventory production. We also contract grow important ecotypes to increase the seed quantity to supply the demands of larger projects.
Wildflower Fields at sunset

Just-In-Time Delivery

S&S Seeds offers customized seed blends to meet each project’s specific needs. We offer the widest selection of seed, species, and varieties to choose from, as well as seed mixing and “just-in-time” shipping for any project.