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Covering The West

With two locations on the west coast, S&S Seeds has the knowledge, experience, and diversity of inventory to service any customer. From wildflowers to grasses and shrubs to erosion control, we have it all. Give us a call today, we have a dedicated sales force ready to help. 

Laci Orrel

VP of Sales

Laci has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Habitat Restoration from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Her love for botany and the desire to help save pollinator populations turned into a career in the seed industry. She has experience in farming, trials, collecting, cleaning, sales, and purchasing.

S&S Seeds Oregon

S&S in Albany, Oregon specializes in wholesale wildflower seeds. We offer wholesale on individual species as well as custom mixes. 

S&S Seeds Southern California

S&S in Carpentaria, California is the industry leader in wildland collections. Our collections allow us to offer custom seed mixes and a vast inventory for just-in-time delivery. 

Zach Kucinski

Seed Specialist

Zach specializes in California native species. He will help you design custom seed mixes and select ecotype specific options that are most appropriate for a specific locations.