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Sod Grasses

We carry single species sod as well as mixed species sod options. Our selections of premium sods are supplied by Delta Bluegrass Company. These sod options are designed for urban landscaping, city parks, golf courses, roadways, and streetscapes. 

Native Mow Free Sod

A low maintenance compliment to natural landscapes. This versatile grass can be maintained as a turf lawn or left unmowed.


Revolutionizing the development of native grasses on roadsides, bio-swales and other environmental mitigation areas.

Native Bentgrass,
Agostis pallens

A cool-season California native bentgrass, with a uniform growing habit, medium texture, and deep green color. Native bentgrass thrives in full sun, or partial shade and will tolerate light foot traffic, with good recovery due to spreading rhizomes.

Kurapia Low Water Utility Ground Cover

Kurapia is a newly developed drought tolerant perennial groundcover which can replace thirsty turf. Once established, it requires little maintenance and needs 60% less water than cool season turfgrasses. It will grow quickly in the heat of summer, staying green in the winter when warm season grasses like Bermuda & Buffalo grasses go dormant.