NativeSeed Group

Commercial Markets Served

Federal & State Agencies

Our team has the knowledge to design custom mixes of native grasses, forbs, and wildflowers that comply with all requirments for federal and state jobs. We have been collaborating with many agencies since 1985. We will work with you to determine best seeding methods, planting time, and mixes for your project.

Macro Wildflowers

Counties & Municipalities

We specialize in ecotype specific seeding projects. Our collection teams are ready to collect seed from its native habitat. From there we will produce amplified seed of known genetic origin at our farm, Las Flores, in Southern California, then return the seed to you for project completion.

Non-Government Organizations

Native species serve as the foundation of a healthy landscape, contributing to stable eco systems, erosion control, and biodiversity. Because of this, many NGOs have come to trust S&S Seeds as their source of high-quality seed for restoration and conservation projects. Our inventory includes seed that is cultivated specifically for land devastated by wildfires, natural disasters, and invasive weeds.


Our Long History

For nearly five decades, S&S Seeds has maintained close relationships with customers in a wide range of markets fulfilling complex, large-scale conservation and habitat restoration projects across central, and southern California. Clients include federal & state agencies, counties & municipalities, NGO’s, landscape architects, environmental firms, and energy corporations.


Landscape Architects

S&S Seeds offers customized seed blends to meet each project’s specific needs. We offer the widest selection of seed, species, and varieties to choose from, as well as seed mixing and “just-in-time” shipping for any project. In most cases, we will fulfill your order the same day it is placed. 

Environmental Firms

Over the past five decades, S&S Seeds has consulted and advised on thousands of restoration, conservation, and preservation projects for environmental firms across southern California.

Energy Corporations

Energy projects provide opportunities to increase native habitat while providing erosion control and soil remediation services. We work with several major energy companies to design custom native seed mixes for projects such as solar farms, wind farms, and hydropower dams that take into account specific energy project requirements (plant height, shade/sun, low irrigation, habitat mitigation, etc).