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Wholesale Product With
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S&S Seeds in Albany, Oregon has revolutionized the wholesale seed industry. We offer all of our individual seeds at a wholesales level, but what sets up apart is we also offer custom mixes as part of our wholesale service. With wholesale custom mixes you eliminate excess seed because we mix exactly to your request. Premixed seed cuts out labor and time cost for you, and we are happy to absorb those costs as part of our commitment to providing our customers with top-tier service.

On-Time Orders

Laci Orrel, VP of Sales, and her team at S&S Seeds Oregon take great pride in always going the extra mile to provide customers with the best experience possible. They will always do whatever is necessary to fill your order on time and in full.

Local Experts With
A Global Reach

We connect our customers to our suppliers. As a part of NativeSeed Group, a collection of native seed companies, we have access to four of our partner farms as well as suppliers all over the globe. We work with suppliers from all major botanical regions of the United States as well as Poland, Germany, Amsterdam, France, New Zealand, and India.
Wild Flowers

Individual Species

Note: Wholesale wildflower pricing is for S&S Oregon only

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Custom Mixes

Note: Wholesale wildflower pricing is for S&S Oregon only