NativeSeed Group

Just-In-Time Delivery

Product When You Need It

For every project there are a specific set of unique needs. S&S Seeds offers both in-stock house mixes and customized seed blends to meet each project’s needs. We have an array of seed species and erosion control products. Unlike many competitors, we can mix and ship on a just-in-time basis. Most will calls are fulfilled in a few hours and most shipment go out the next day. 

Sowing Seed By Hand

Our Strength Is Our Relationships

We have spent nearly five decades building relationships with customers. Our customers trust us with their orders because they know they will not only receive the highest level of customer service, but also we will work to fulfill their order in a timely manner. 

Seed Inventory

Logistical Excellence

Since 1975 the team at S&S Seeds has been dedicated to providing a top tier customer experience. The sales team has the knowledge and experience to design a custom mix for any application. Our 50,000 square foot warehouse has been the industry standard for fast and accurate order fulfillment.