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Wildland Seed Collections

Seed Collection

Our wildland seed collection services are an essential component in expanding the native seed inventory we offer our customers. Our experienced teams of seed collectors routinely work throughout the southwest to collect seeds from species that cannot feasibly be produced at our seed production farms. All wildland seed is source identified to provide our customers with the assurance of the highest quality, ecologically appropriate seeds for their projects. The availability and demand for wildland seed is constantly changing, so if you have specific requests, you can reach out to our staff to check our current inventory.

Wildland Seed Experience

Our experience in wildland seed collection extends across the southwestern United States, and over more than 40 years.  This breadth of experience uniquely positions us to provide our partners with the highest quality service.

Contract Seed Collection

With seed from hundreds of native species currently in our inventory, there’s a good chance we have what you need. However, we cannot feasibly carry all species from everywhere.  Therefore, our team of expert seed collectors can help you acquire native seeds sourced from specific sites or regions to meet your project needs.  Click below for more information about our contract seed collection services for local ecotype seeds.

Partner With Us

We are always looking for new locations to collect native seeds. If you have access to undeveloped lands supporting native habitat, we’d love to partner with you for wildland seed collection.  If your site provides resources for seed collection that can potentially enhance our seed collection program, we may offer seed sharing, discounts on seed orders, or profit sharing in exchange for access. Examples of successful partnerships include ranches, utility easements, future development properties, undeveloped investment properties, water districts, conservation lands, and natural reserves. Reach out to Andy Thomson today! 

Andy Thomson

Wildland Seed Collection Manager

Andy manages the wildland seed collection program for S&S Seeds. Andy has been working with native species in the region for more than 25 years. You can reach out to him to discuss a potential partnership or a new project.