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Premium Wildflower Seed

S&S Seeds has the most diverse offering of wildflowers in the market. Our vast network of wildland collections locations allows us to target specific species of wildflowers. Having our own productive farms provides us the ability to amplify the high quality seeds for custom mixes and distribution.


Our Strength Is In Our Relationships

S&S Seeds is dedicated to providing the highest quality of wildflower seeds you can find in the market. Over the past five decades we have established strategic relationships with landowners along the west coast who have naturally growing wildflowers that we collect on a regular basis.

Wildflowers For California & Beyond

Not only do we stock California native wildflower species and mixes, we offer our wildflower seed on a wholesale level. Our wholesale wildflower seeds are handled in our Albany, Oregon location. 

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California Wildflowers

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Wholesale Wildflowers