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Collecting Seeds For Native California Plants Since 1975

In 1975 our industry became focused on  the need for low water use plants. This focus was the reason S&S Seeds was founded. In those days our experience in the collection and use of drought tolerant plant seeds helped us become Souther California’s top native seed supplier to landscape contractors, government agencies, and seed distributors.

Committed To Exceptional Customer Success

S&S Seeds’ extensive wildland collections of native plant seed, and our production fields, allow us to offer more than 1,000 species including native grasses, wildflowers, and shrubs.  Our large inventory of collection site identified plant seeds can be utilized by our customers to pick a species from a source that fits the specific needs of their project.

S&S Seeds has over 450 acres to grow seed crops for inventory and to increase seed supply of particular ecotypes required for specific contract projects. In addition, we have research and development trial fields for the evaluation of new and old species.

Our Commitment

S&S Seed has been at the forefront of wildland seed collection, custom seed mix design, and just-in-time delivery since 1975. We have dedicated ourselves to being the supplier of choice for conservation and habitat restoration seed projects for almost five decades. Continually we are attempting to advance the practice of using native plant species for seed projects all across California.

Vertically Integrated
Seed Supplier

We sell stock seed mixes and assist in the design of custom seed mixes. For specific projects, we will contract to special collect seed on the site, then use our farm to amplify the seed. S&S Seeds also supplies non-seed erosion control products to promote soil health and stabilization. Making us a true one-stop shop for all your seeding needs. We utilize state-of-the-art seed cleaning equipment to process seed, allowing us to deliver the purest seed possible. After cleaning, to assure top quality seeds, each individual lot is tested for purity, germination and pure live seed counts at an independent certified seed laboratory. Specialized treatments for dormant seed types are available. If project conditions warrant their use, treatments can be applied to break both external and internal dormancy prior to shipment.  In addition, our large diverse inventory enables us to ship product the same day it is ordered, in most cases.
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