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Locally Grown

For specific projects, we offer contract seed production. Our seed production and processing takes place at our 450 acre Las Flores Farm in Los Alamos, California. We are knowledgeable in the production of native species and have specialized equipment for planting, cultivating, and harvesting.

Locally Grown

Our Commitment To You

Trusting S&S Seeds with your contract grow is something we do not take lightly. Taking pride in what we do is an understatement. From your initial conversation all the way through to delivery, we are committed to being with you every step of the way. 

Seed Farming

Equipped For Success

Our fields are isolated to prevent cross pollination and species are matched to soil types for better production yields. Our seeding equipment is manufactured to precisely plant native seed species which have many characteristics that can make them challenging to handle. We use herbicides, mechanical cultivating, and manual hoeing to control weeds. Our custom built harvesting equipment allows us to maximize the yields of indeterminate ripening native seed.