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Why Local Ecotype Seed?

Although recently there has been a shift toward using local native seed S&S Seeds has been emphasizing the importance of local ecotype seed since the 1970’s. We know, through our own testing and studying, that using locally adapted seed provides mature plants that are adapted to soil, temperature, precipitation, elevation, and pest and insects. Using seed of known genetic origin is crucial to our process because it allows us to focus on providing the most local and well-adapted seed for every project, helping ensure a successful germination rate on projects.

Ecosystem Restoration

At S&S Seeds, we’re dedicated to restoring native ecosystems as much as the people who buy our seed. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve that mission on your next project

Diverse Inventory

Our team of expert botanists identify local ecotypes and travel hundreds of miles across California to hand collect native species growing in their natural wildland habitats. We then amplify those seeds and use them for mixes.

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Turf Mixes

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