NativeSeed Group

Farm Production

Las Flores - Los Alamos, CA

Las Flores Farm is our 450 acres farm used for inventory production. We also contract grow important ecotypes to increase the seed quantity to supply the demands of larger projects. The farm is also equipped with a state-of-the-art cleaning facility and thousands of square feet of seed storage. 

Locally Grown
S&S Seeds Facility

Our Strength Is In Our Relationships

We have spent nearly five decades building relationships with customers. Our customers trust us with their orders because they know they will not only receive the highest level of customer service, but also we will work to fulfill their order in a timely manner. 

California natives
Seed Farming

Hedgerow Farms - Winters, CA

We also produce seed at our sister farm in Winters, California. Hedgerow Farms has 300 acres of productive farmland and is capable of amplifying and producing multiple generations of seed from that original collection. We use best farming practices to prevent any cross contamination or cross breeding between our production fields.