NativeSeed Group

Wildland Seed Collections

Seed Collection

Our experts can identify required species and locate stands of harvestable plants within the project’s defined zones. This stand assessment helps ascertain potential yield, harvest date and the size of collection crew required to meet your project deadlines.

Seed Mix

Wildland Seed Experience

Our experience in wildland collection has provided useful information for seed production in our fields at our local 450 acre production location, Las Flores Farm for over 25 years. We have been collecting and growing native species for seed production. 

Seed Collection and Cleaning

Collected, Dried, and Cleaned

The harvested field material, after proper drying, will be conditioned in our state of the art seed cleaning facility.  The dry, conditioned seed is assigned a unique lot number and stored in our warehouse facility.  Special long term storage arrangements can be utilized if needed. If desired, samples are sent to a independent certified seed testing laboratory for purity and germination tests. Specific reports as required by the project can be provided.