Pacific Vista LS Tall Fescue blend

Pacific Vista LS Lateral spread

 Tall Fescue Blend

 Pacific Vista LS is a next generation Tall Fescue blend using varieties that exhibit lateral spreading characteristics to help fill in thin spots. The ability to produce rhizomes allows tall fescues to reduce open areas which can become inhabited by weeds or erode soil causing other issues. This character also reduces the development of large, unwieldly plants that can cause personal damage if left alone. The varieties also exhibit other qualities that make the blend unique.

Pacific Vista LS blend uses newer varieties that have been tested for other factors. Higher disease tolerance makes them able to handle issues that arise from fungus outbreaks due to high humidity, high temperatures and soil types. They contain high levels of endophytes, an organism within the cells that provide for better insect control. Salinity trials were also done to the varieties used for germination under high salt levels associated with reclaimed water.

Pacific Vista LS blend represents the next generation of Tall Fescues that have many characteristics for desired by turf managers.

 Suggested seeding rate is 10 lbs/ 1,000 square feet.