Fast Track RW Reclaimed Water

Fast Track RW

Ryegrass Blend

 Fast Track RW (Reclaimed Water) blend utilizes newer varieties of perennial ryegrasses that exhibit high tolerance to salinity and other associated conditions brought on by use of reclaimed water for irrigation. The blend has been tested where germination and maturation was done at high levels of saline conditions. Many older varieties were tested in salt baths only as mature plants. These varieties performed very well when trialed for seedling salt tolerance.

Fast Track RW also have many other attributes making it a high quality blend. Selecting newer varieties that have very good color, compact growth habit and very good disease tolerances makes it a blend that professional turf managers would be happy to use for sportsfields, golf courses and landscape areas. The varieties also have high levels of endophytes, a naturally organism in the plant, that provide greater stress tolerances and insect control.

Fast Track RW blend should be an integral part of providing a high quality turfstand even if irrigation is done with reclaimed water.

 Suggested seeding rate is 6-8 lbs/ 1,000 square feet.