S&S Seeds Custom Turfgrass Mixes

S&S Seeds custom turf mixes

Seed varieties are subject to change based on results of the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program.  See the SEED STORE Menu TAB for ordering. 

Pacific Vista LS Lateral Spread  Tall Fescue Blend

Pacific Vista LS  blend is a new generation Tall Fescue blend using varieties that exhibit lateral spreading characteristics to help fill in thin spots. The ability to produce rhizomes allows tall fescues to reduce open areas which can become inhabited by weeds or erode soil causing other issues. Pacific Vista LS blend uses newer varieties that have higher disease tolerance which makes them more able to handle issues that arise from fungus outbreaks due to high humidity, high temperatures and soil types. They contain high levels of endophytes, an organism within the cells that provide for better insect control. Salinity trials were also done to the varieties used for germination under high salt levels associated with reclaimed water.

Plush RW Reclaimed Water  Tall Fescue Blend

Plush RW   Tall Fescue blend was developed for applications where reclaimed water is either used or anticipated in the future. Many tall fescue varieties show moderate tolerance to salts and other minerals associated with reclaimed water. Drought, clay soils, uneven irrigation and continued reclaimed water use can create a negative condition where many nutrients needed by the turf are bound up. Maintenance practices to reduce the salinity can alleviate some of those conditions through leaching and other means-temporarily, but those conditions will return so it is important to select a blend that tolerates those issues. Plush RW blend uses newer generation Tall Fescues that have very good color and compact growth habit.

Fast Track RW Reclaimed Water Ryegrass Blend

Fast Track RW (Reclaimed Water) blend utilizes newer varieties of perennial ryegrasses that exhibit high tolerance to salinity and other associated conditions brought on by use of reclaimed water for irrigation. The blend has been tested where germination and maturation was done at high levels of saline conditions. Selecting newer varieties that have very good color, compact growth habit and very good disease tolerances makes it a blend that professional turf managers would be happy to use for sportsfields, golf courses and landscape areas. 

80/20 Mix, Plush Tall Fescue & Kentucky Bluegrass Mix

Our 80/20 mix is a cost effective, drought resistant turf that grows well in the sun or shade. Quick recovery from injury and improved texture combine to make it the ideal mix for athletic fields or turf subjected to heavy traffic, low maintenance and formidable heat.

Sports Turf Pro Mix

This mix combines our Fast Track elite perennial ryegrass blend with the top rated Bermuda grass seed variety, Blackjack.  The result is a quick-starting, highly durable, dark green turf all year long.
Mix contains:

  • Fast Track perennial ryegrass blend 
  • Blackjack Bermuda grass

Valley Fine Turf Mix

This mix is specifically formulated to take advantage of the third generation fine-leaf ryegrasses.  The result is a beautifully uniform, fine-textured, lush green lawn.  Another feature - it cuts clean to eliminate ragged tops.
Mix contains:

  • Fast Track perennial ryegrass blend 
  • Kentucky bluegrass

Fine Leaf Park Mix

This mix is designed for use where some shade tolerance is needed.  Once established it will produce a beautifully uniform turf with fine leaf blades and a lush green color.

Shade Tolerant Grass Mix

This mix is designed to provide a turf look and feel in highly shaded areas.  Once established it will produce a beautifully uniform turf with fine leaf blades and a lush green color.

Mix contains:

  • Poa trivialis 
  • Chewings fescue 
  • Fast Track perennial ryegrass blend