California Native Sod

Native grasses are adapted to our California climate. California Native Sod has been installed in urban landscapes, parks, edges of golf courses and streetscapes. Native Preservation Mix, Biofiltration Sod and Delta Grassland Mix Sod are available for planting throughout the year.

We recommend installing Native Bentgrass Sod and the Native Mow Free Sod as a lawn alternative in late Fall. This will allow these cool season native grasses to better establish in the cooler, wetter, winter weather. Orders for these products will be filled after November 1st.

Once established, all blends will require approximately 50% less water than traditional sod varieties. All blends available on biodegradable netting.

View the Native Grass Sod Selection Guide (PDF)

View the Sod Demonstration Sites (PDF)

View the WUCOLS Ratings for Native SOD (PDF)

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