Contract Growing

S&S Seeds has over 450 acres of fields for inventory production. We also contract grow important ecotypes to increase the seed quantity to supply the demands of larger projects. 

Our seed production and processing is located in Los Alamos,CA. We are knowledgeable in the production of native species and have specialized equipment for planting, cultivating and harvesting.  Fields are isolated to prevent cross pollination and species are matched to soil types for better production yields.  Our seeding equipment is manufactured to precisely plant native species seeds which are often fluffy and/or small.  We use herbicides as well as mechanical cultivating and hoeing to control weeds and our custom built harvesting equipment allows us to maximize the yields of indeterminate ripening native seed. 

The harvested field material, after proper drying, will be conditioned in our state of the art seed cleaning facility.  The dry, conditioned seed is assigned a unique lot number and stored in our warehouse facility.  Special long term storage arrangements can be utilized if needed.  If desired, samples are sent to an independent certified seed testing laboratory for purity and germination tests.  Specific reports as required by the project can be provided.


For more information, contact our friendly staff of experts:

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