Native California Grass Sod Makes 'Cents' For Many Reasons

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

California's land planners, architects, state and federal agencies, and homeowners are being asked to do more with less when it comes to water conservation, erosion control and returning the topography to its native state. This means the pressure is on to use "appropriate" landscaping with plants adapted to limited rainfall and native to local ecosystems.

Interest in California native grasses has spread throughout the green industry.  Water conservation concerns and economics have prompted many to investigate grasses that thrive with little water or no supplemental water. These plants have evolved to live within California's diverse topography, climate and soil types. Water-seeking roots can reach a depth of six feet, increasing water infiltration, recycling nutrients and providing soil stabilization.  In bioswale conditions, native grasses absorb nitrates, heavy metals and solids that enter waterways.  

Delta Bluegrass Company, located in Stockton, California, recently named Carpinteria, California-based S&S Seeds Inc. its regional distributor for Delta's complete line of California Native Sod blends. S&S Seeds now serves as Delta's representative for the entire Central Coast and Southern California.

Since the early 2000s, Delta pioneered the integration of native seeds to their sod mixes, so the next logical next step was to develop California native sods for the marketplace. It was a natural choice to pair Delta's technological advancements with S&S Seeds' impeccable reputation as a provider of native seeds for all manner of plant life since the 1970s. Using S&S Seeds' vast seed bank and Delta's years of sod development has produced nothing short of a paradigm shift for commercial and residential grass options.

Delta's California Native Sod program offers six different varieties, including Native Bentgrass™ and Delta Grassland Mix™, which were cultivated to be the first native lawns that withstand well timed mowing for urban landscape areas. For bioswales, roadsides, medians, irrigation canals, erosion control, and environmental mitigation areas, Delta's team developed Native Mow Free™, Biofiltration Sod™, Delta Native Heartland Sod™ and Native Preservation Mix™. The program also offers a custom-grow option for large-scale projects. 

These species stay green year-round if irrigated, usingup to 50% less water than traditional cool season turfgrasses.  In non-irrigated applications, most native sod blends will establish and actively grow during the wet season.  They will go dormant during the summer, becoming golden summer fields and then green-up in the fall to become beautiful cool season meadows. 

Delta's daily deliveries mean you can order today, with sod harvested tomorrow and delivered to you the next day, assuring customers of the freshest product and the best chance for planting success of these native varietals. Factoring in the savings of 50% less water requirementthan conventional sods, you will see that Delta's California Native Sods will deliver substantial cost savings for your project's lifetime.

For more information and project pricing contact Doug Graham at S&S Seeds via his email or by phone (805) 684-0436.