Kurapia-New Low Water Utility Ground Cover

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kurapia-New low water utility groundcover -SOD

Kurapia is a newly developed drought tolerant perennial groundcover which can replace thirsty turf. Once established, it requires little maintenance and needs 60% less water than cool season turfgrasses. Once established Kurapia can be irrigated as low as 20% of ETo by drip irrigation and outperformed other turfgrasses in survivability and appearance at 40% ETo by sprinkler irrigation.

Kurapia is evergreen. Kurapia in California will grow quickly in the heat of summer, staying green in the winter when warm season grasses like Bermuda & Buffalo grasses go dormant. However, if temperatures are consistently below 40 degrees F Kurapia will remain green but gradually go dormant. 

Kurapia can tolerate full sun or partial shade, light foot traffic, and is safe for pets and kids! Kurapia grows 1- 2" high, and is covered by small white flowers that do not produce seed. Kurapia is a sterile form of the naturalized plant Lippia nodiflora and is tolerant of our CA saline soils. 

 (photo courtesy of Lawn Nation, All rights reserved.)Kurapia up close and field picture.jpg