Tri-C Humate - 40% Humic Acids

Product Information:

Tri-C Humate is an organic soil conditioner that is comprised of 40% Humic Acids derived from Leonardite.  These acids work with other organic materials in the soil to expedite and enhance the delivery of essential nutrients to the plant through its root and mycorrhiza fungi network.

Tri-C is an essential tool in soil preparation, maintenance and as an element in 2-3 times per year fertilization of existing plant stands or turf areas.

Physical Benefits:

  • Improve soil structure formation and assists in aeration
  • Change physical properties of the soil and affects its water holding capacity
  • Is a source of plant nutrients, both macro and micronutrients
  • Increases the germination capacity of the seed
  • Root systems exhibit greater development creating stronger, healthier plants
  • As a result of increased health and vigor, plants assisted with humate are more resistant to pests and disease
  • Promote the conversion (chelation) of a number of elements into forms available to the plant’s roots thus assisting with nutrient uptake

 **This is a naturally occuring mined material.  Ideal material for native vegetation. 
It enhances the actions of other organic materials and fertilizers. 

View the Tri-C Humate brochure (PDF).

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