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Superior Site Protection in a Quick, Safe, Easy Hydraulic Application

ProMatrix™ EFM Engineered Fiber Matrix is specially formulated to provide cost-effective stabilization of soils on active construction and building sites. Unlike polymeric stabilizers comprised of flocculants that need to be blended on site, the pre-blended combination of Thermally Refined® wood fibers, proprietary crosslinked tackifiers and activators anchor the fiber matrix to the soil surface. Hydraulically applied ProMatrix creates a non-toxic, erosion resistant blanket that provides BFM performance in an easy to mix, high-loading formulation.  The university-tested ProMatrix meets or exceeds all industry testing standards for BFM/SMMproducts. Approved for use on Caltrans BFM project sites. 

Promatrix ™ efm

  • Contours with the surface to insure intimate soil contact
  • Forms an erosion resistant, built-in-place blanket
  • Non-toxic, environmentally safe and biodegradable
  • No fish or wildlife concerns
  • No netting, staples or lifting
  • Pre-blended for consistent performance
  • Provides outstanding erosion protection for up to 9 months
  • Ideal for stabilizing moderate slopes and building pads

Your Trusted Partner in Soil SolutionS

By creating products using Green Design Engineering,™ Profile Products has become the world’s largest combined supplier of hydraulically applied erosion control products, hydraulic mulch and agronomic accessories, turf reinforcement mats and erosion control blankets. We are a leader in erosion control and revegetation science and many of today’s industry standards were innovations introduced by Profile. Our leadership continues through on-site consultative services, aggressive research and development, active support of trade associations and educational forums designed to advance the industry’s effectiveness and professionalism

View the Application Guide for ET-FGM, FGM, BFM, SMM (PDF).

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