Festuca rubra creeping

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Festuca rubra creeping, Creeping Red Fescue

A cool season grass used in cool shaded sites where low-input of mowing, fertilaition and irrigation is desired.  Id does not do well in hot climates, except in shady dry situations.  Creeping red fescue germinates and establishes slowly.  It is moderately wear resistant.  A high mowing cut is recommended.

  • Height:   12in. - 18in.
  • Life Cycle:   perennial
  • Growth Type:   grass
  • Inflorescence Size:   > 5 in
  • Flower Type:   grass spikelet
  • Bloom Type:   cool (grasses)
  • Native to California:   YES
  • California Range:   coast - inland - mountain
  • Characteristics / Comments:   drought resistant, low water use turf
  • Fire Resistant / Low Fuel:   TRUE
  • Average Live Seed per Bulk Pound: 365,500

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