Festuca idahoensis

Product Information:

Festuca idahoensis, Native Idaho Fescue

A low maintenance compliment to natural landscapes. This versatile grass can be maintained as a turf lawn or left unmowed.

  • Contains two native fine fescues and one highly naturalized variety.
  • Excellent shade and cold tolerance
  • Deep green glossy leaves
  • Slow growing, narrow leafed grass with blades that are very lax and flexuous
  • Provides soil stabilization for sloped areas
  • Height:   under 1 ft
  • Life Cycle:   perennial
  • Growth Type:   grass
  • Inflorescence Size:   1 - 5 in
  • Flower Type:   grass spikelet
  • Bloom Type:   cool (grasses)
  • Native to California:   YES
  • California Range:   coast - inland - mountain
  • Water Requirements:   low
  • Characteristics / Comments:   drought resistant, low water use turf
  • Fire Resistant / Low Fuel:   TRUE
  • Average Live Seed per Bulk Pound: 323,000

Price is for one pound.

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