Festuca Pacific Vista Dwarf

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Festuca Pacific Vista Dwarf Fescue Blend

Recent advancements in the breeding of Tall Fescue have resulted in cultivars known as “dwarf” Tall Fescues. The best of these varieties are contained in our Pacific Vista blend. This blend will provide a Fescue turf that you can be proud of. Its dark green color, attractive, narrow-tapering leaves maintain density and color year round. Additionally, Pacific Vista has demonstrated superior tolerance to heat, drought and disease. For thoroughly tested performance, uncompromised quality and beauty, Pacific Vista is the clear choice.

      Seeding rate:           8 to 10 lbs / 1000 square feet  

      Emergence:             10 to 21 days

      Establishment:         60 days

      Texture:                  Fine

      Color:                     Dark green all year

      Cold Tolerance:        Good

      Light Needs:             Full or filtered sun

Seed varieties are subject to change based on results of the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program.

View the Pacific Vista pdf brochure.

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