Enviro Fiber Cellulose Mulch

Product Information:

Enviro-Fiber S100 is manufactured from paper based cellulose fiber.  It is recycled newspapers.  Hand sorting ensures that there will be no plastic or other foreign materials that could inhibit germination or growth and that your machine will operate clog free.  It contains no seeds and is periodically tested by an agricultural laboratory for contaminants.

Physical Benefits:

  • Water holding capacity greater than 1,200% by weight
  • Ph range of 5.5% (+ or - 1%)
  • Non-toxic to plants or animals
  • Manufactured with a non-staining green dye to assist the applicator in creating an even coverage area
  • High water holding content assures available moisture to the seeding zone where it is needed most.


For more information and pricing contact:

Gilbert Barajas
(805) 684-0436 x103



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