Chaparral Sage Scrub Mix

Product Information:

Chaparral Sage Scrub Mix

Use this mix when native chaparral scrub restoration is desired.  It is a blend of grasses, flowers and shrubs for revegetation of soil and slopes with plant types that belong here.  There is a quick start grass to protect soil and allow slower perennials to provide their permanent cover in the years to come.  Designed as a non-irrigated mix, irrigation will foster establishment and prolong the blooming period.

Mix contains:

  • Acmispon glaber(deerweed)
  • Artemisia californica(california sagebrush) 
  • Encelia farinosa(brittlebush) 
  • Eriogonum fasciculatum(california buckwheat)
  • Eschscholzia californica(california poppy)
  • Festuca microstachys(small fescue)
  • Hesperoyucca whipplei(our lord's candle)
  • Lasthenia californica(dwarf goldfields) 
  • Lupinus bicolor (Bicolor lupine)
  • Mimulas aurantiacus (Monkeyflower)
  • Phacelia ciliata(great valley phacelia)
  • Salvia apiana(white sage)
  • Salvia mellifera(black sage) 
  • Stipa pulchra(purple needlegrass)
  • Trifolium willdenovii(tomcat clover)

Seeding rate: 44lbs per acre

Height range: 12-36 inches

Price is for one pound.


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