Basic Native Erosion Control Mix

Product Information:

Basic Native Erosion Control Mix

Mix contains:

  • Bromus carinatus "Cucamonga" (cucamonga brome)


  • Festuca microstachys (small fescue)


  • Trifolium ciliolatum (tree clover)


This mixture of annual native California species has been formulated for rapid growth in the lower rainfall climates and varied soil types of Central and Southern California.  For this reason, it is the best choice for permanent or temporary cover in areas that may not support perennial natives without the addition of irrigation or soil amendments.  These seeds are adapted to our climates and plant communities and can be used around sensitive native habitat and in conjunction with other species, including wildflowers, without fear of native gene contamination.

Seeding rate: 32 lbs per acre

Height range: 30-36 inches

Price is for one pound.


Price: $27.00
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