AM 120 Mycorrhizal Inoculum

Product Information:

Mycorrhizal fungi are a necessary component of a self-sustaining ecosystem. Disturbance from construction, erosion and certain agricultural practices can deplete the presence of this organism from the soil.  Any natural re-entry of fungi can be slow and often impossible.

AM 120 Mycorrhizal Inoculum works in tandem with a plants root system to extend that system 40 times or more throughout the available soil area greatly improving water and nutrient absorption.  By increasing the reach and efficiency of the host plant’s root systems mycorrhiza greatly enhance the plant’s ability to survive and even flourish in dry conditions and in nutrient poor soils.

Mycorrhiza work to provide long term storage of nutrients which reduces the need and frequency of applying outside fertilizers to a plant or stand of plants. 

Physical Benefits:

  • Improved survival of most native trees, shrubs, forbs, and grasses
  • Suppression of weedy non-mycorrhiza plants.  The targeted plant gains an edge over it’s neighbors in nutrient uptake and more efficient water delivery.
  • Improved soil aggregation and aeration.  Mycorrhiza produces “glomalin”, a substance that acts as a soil-binding agent.  This leads to more stable soils with greater resistance to erosion.
  • Carbon sequestering occurs.  By working on the efficiency of the host plants root system Mycorrhiza increase carbon dioxide intake to the plant and spread that carbon through the host soils biomass.

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