Riparian Rescue Mix

Product Information:

Riparian Rescue Mix

This mix of native California species is designed for channel bottoms and wetland environments.

Mix contains:

  • Anemopsis californica(yerba mansa) 
  • Artemisia douglasiana(mugwort) 
  • Artemisia palmerii(tall sagebrush) 
  • Carex spissa(sawgrass sedge)
  • Festuca microstachys(small fescue) 
  • Juncus acutus(spiny rush) 
  • Oenothera elata hookerii(evening primrose) 
  • Typha latifolia(common cattail) 

Seeding rate: 20 lbs per acre

Height range: 12-48 inches

Price is for one pound.


Price: $90.00
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