Ornamental, Flowering, Ground Cover - Shrubs Mix

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Ornamental, Flowering, Ground Cover & Shrubs Mix

Use this mix of native and non-native species for irrigated sites when you want full coverage and showy color from Spring through to Fall.  These species do not work well in a non-irrigated setting.

Mix contains:

  • Acacia redolens(prostate wattle) 
  • Chrysanthemum multicaule(yellow clump daisy) 
  • Cictus corsicus(corsican rock rose) 
  • Dimorphotheca pluvialis(white daisy) 
  • Eschscholzia Mission Bells(mission bells poppy) 
  • Gazania splendens(gazania) 
  • Helianthemum mutabile(sunrose) 
  • Lobularia maritima Violet Queen(alyssum violet queen) 
  • Lotus corniculatus(birds-foot trefoil)

Seeding rate: 29 lbs per acre

Height range: 6-42 inches

Price is for one pound.


Price: $85.00
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