Made in the Shade Wildflower Mix

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Made For The Shade Wildflower Mix

This is a mixture of annual and perennial wildflowers that provides bright spring color in shady or filtered sun locations.  Flowering will be nearly continuous if irrigated.

Mix contains:

  • Achillea millefolium(white yarrow) 
  • Chrysanthemum leucanthemum(ox-eye daisy) 
  • Collinsia heterophylla(chinese houses) 
  • Linaria maroccana(toadflax) 
  • Linum lewisii(blue flax) 
  • Nemophila menziesii(baby blue eyes) 
  • Papaver nudicaule(iceland poppy) 
  • Papaver rhoeas(flanders poppy) 
  • Penstemon strictus(rocky mountain strictus) 
  • Tropaeolum majus(nasturtium)

Seeding rate: 25 lbs per acre

Height range: 18-36 inches

Price is for one pound.


Price: $60.00
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